Can't apply for a national team?

  1. Can't apply for a national team?

    I was able to apply for the English national team head job in my second season. They laughed me out of the opportunity... Now I want to apply for the use under 23 job but when I click apply, nothing happens. What would prevent me from being able to even apply for a job?

  2. I also got laughed at when I applied for the England job, even after winning 2 Premier League titles in a row. I don't think that's something to laugh at, but we all know how retarded the FA can be...

    I also applied to the U23 job, didn't get the job but had no problems actually applying. Not sure why you can't apply, it might be a bug if the "apply" option is there and nothing happens when you click it.

  3. That's what happens... I click apply and nothing happens. Been going on for a few seasons.

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