how do i improve bank balance

  1. how do i improve bank balance

    hi all
    im just about to start my second season with tottenham and my bank balance is only £19m this is after spending 25m on transfers and also the club have decided to build a new stadium for 192m so how do i go about improving my balance?

  2. 1) Dont buy players for a while.
    2) Sell peripheral players/lower wages you pay.
    3) Arrange a lot of friendlies away to top teams.
    4) Win stuff (especially matches in CL)

  3. You will get all your television money at the end of the season as well

  4. Don't spend 25mil on players every window,
    Sell anyone you don't need and aim to keep your squad to a certain size,
    Try to use bonuses in contracts, the bonus for scoring 10/20 in a season is a good one to use on some midfielders can cut wages down by 10-20k,
    Look at players running out of contract or who are free, some can often get you a couple of mil easily,
    Most importantly win games.

    Do note that you can get a huge amount of money at the end of the season due to TV money and other payouts so don't worry a huge amount about your balance. Just be smart about things and your balance will go up with time.

  5. see who's contracts are expiring come january in the summer coming, if some are good enough to replace your backups, sign them then give a few of your guys a few games once the window shuts, offer them out, bag some money for them and get some free transfers.

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