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Swansea City: The Guide

  1. gogogo golem
    Modern Day Legend

    Swansea City: The Guide

    Swansea City Association Football Club (Welsh: Clwb Pêl-droed Dinas Abertawe) is a Welsh professional football club based in the city of Swansea, South Wales that play in the Premier League. The only Wales-based club in the division, they play their home matches at the Liberty Stadium.
    The club was founded in 1912 and joined the Football League in 1921. The club changed their name in 1969, when it adopted the name Swansea City to reflect Swansea's new status as a city.[1] They were promoted to the original Football League First Division in 1981. It was during the following season they came close to winning the league title, but a decline then set near the season's end before finishing sixth, although a club record. It was from here the club suffered a relegation the season after, returning back to the Football League Fourth Division a few seasons later, then narrowly avoided relegation to the Football Conference in 2003. Prior to playing home matches at the Liberty Stadium, the team had previously hosted at the Vetch Field. The Swansea City Supporters Society Ltd owns 20% of the club, with their involvement hailed by Supporters Direct as "the most high profile example of the involvement of a Supporters Trust in the direct running of a club".

    (Sourced from Wikipedia)

    This is for the default database. I've heard Michu is a beast on the data update so that will be good.

    General in-game info and facilities:
    Swansea City: The Guide-2012-12-03_00003.jpgSwansea City: The Guide-2012-12-03_00004.jpg
    As you can see the facilities are not ideal and could do with upgrades ASAP.
    Despite the club being in it's hundredth year the biggest honour it has won is the npower league 1
    Swansea City: The Guide-2012-12-03_00002.jpg
    Board Expectations:
    Swansea City: The Guide-2012-12-03_00001.jpg
    The board expect you to at least avoid relegation but a mid-table finish is easily achievable and the extra money made a big difference to my Swansea side.

    At the end of the end of the day you staff set up doesn't look very good and needs a big overhaul. Here are the changes I made:
    Swansea City: The Guide-2012-12-03_00006.jpg

    The Squad:

    Michel Vorm - A good goalkeeper who can be employed as a standard goalkeeper or sweeper keeper - defend (I'd recommend the later option) I'd recommend replacing him in a few seasons
    Gerhard Tremmel - A decent backup goalkeeper who can only be played as a standard goalkeeper. He can only do the job for a couple of seasons so sell or get rid of after first season.
    David Cornell - A young goalkeeper on very low wages. Can be third choice but nothing more keep on until his contract expires and then keep him on with a month-to-month contract until he gets upset or someone else ,ales a move. He's also the only player in the squad that is home grown at club

    Transfer targets: Jan Mucha is usually transfer listed at the end of the season and is more than able to take up Gerhard Tremmel's spot of second place in the order. Craig Gordon is available at the start of season one on a free and is also highly capable of taking second place in the goalkeeping order.

    Right Backs:

    Dwight Tiendalli - A decent Dutch full back who can also play at wing back and left back. He'll do a decent job but will need replacing after a season or two
    Angel Rangel - The Spanish right back is tall and a good all-round full back. With all the Spaniards in the squad his translation skills may be useful to help the rest pick up the language quicker. He is twenty nine though and will need replacing after a few seasons.
    Ashley Richards - He's never going to make it. Sell him ASAP.
    Curtis Obeng - Could do a job for a season and although he has good physicals and a bullet throw he isn't going to make it due to poor technical and mental attributes.

    Transfer Targets: You may want to sign Adam Matthews if you have the cash to push Rangel for his place but he isn't a high priority signing.
    Centre Backs:

    Garry Monk - The ageing captain. He isn't that good and doesn't have the physicals for this level. You have lots of depth so you won't need him.
    Alan Tate - The vice-captain. He can play all across the defence and is worth keeping for a season or two to offer depth but no more.
    Chico - The Spanish Centre Back who is skilled but I'm not sure if he's the right player to hold a spot in the starting line up. He will do a job but isn't good enough to start.
    Ashley Williams - The only centre back in the squad who I'd say is good enough to be a regular starter. He is fast, has good mentals and is good with the ball at his feet. When you sell Monk I'd advise you make him club captain.
    Kyle Bartley - The only good young centre back in your squad and the only good really tall one as well. Is solid and can be a good rotation option for years on end.
    Darnel Situ - A tall, young French centre back but he probably won't make it at the top level so I'd advise you sell him.

    Transfer targets: You need a tall, solid centre back, I'd suggest Ryan Donk who is very cheap and if you feel you need a long term replacement for Williams, sign Jores Okore.

    Left Back:

    Neil Taylor - A young Welsh left bag with bags of pace and can play for several years. Will have to be rotation or sold when you get bigger though. He is also the only recognised left back in the squad.

    Transfer Targets - You don't need to sign anyone if you use Tate and Tiendalli to cover for Taylor but if you want some backup you could sign the aforementioned Adam Matthews or pick up Paul Robinson for a season on a free transfer.

    Defensive/Central/Attacking midfield:

    Leon Britton - A key asset to your midfield who can hold the ball, help keep possession and help you win the midfield battle. Is ageing so will need a replacement in a few seasons. Also the only decent defensive midfielder you have.
    Mark Gower - He's is definitely ageing but has no value, is on cheap wages and can be decent backup for a couple of seasons.
    Ki Sung-Yeung - A young player who can pass a ball well and is already established on the international scene. He has been nicknamed the Korean Gerrard but don't expect him to help with the defensive aspect of the game.
    Michu - A well rounded midfielder who is good at everything except defence, he is tall, works hard and has great movement. He can be like Fellaini going forward if used properly.
    Jonathan de Guzman - A creative midfielder who is on loan, you can secure his services long term if you spend £5m.
    Kemy Augustien - Not needed and nothing special should be sold and you can get a good few million for him.

    Transfer Targets - Although a creative player isn't necessary I'd recommend Wellington Nem since he is such good value at £3.5m and is one of if not my top recommendation and a player that becomes world class for that price is a steal. Keeping de Guzman's services is not necessary and shouldn't be a priority first window, potential replacements could be Yohan Cabaye or Mark Noble. If you want a defensive minded player Rhys Williams, James Perch, Rodwell on loan or Nigel Reo-Coker on a free are options. are options. Joe Allen should be a long term target and is home grown at club.

    Pablo Hernandez - The best attacking player at the club and can do a job for a few seasons.
    Nathan Dyer - Lightning fast, a hard worker who will track back and can dribble well. He will create and score and is a definite starter but can be frustrating at times.
    Wayne Routledge - A fast winger who offers a good rotation option.

    Transfer Targets - Could do with more depth but if you get the aforementioned Wellington Nem him and other players of the squad should be able to offer enough depth out wide. Scott Sinclair will probably be unhappy or surplus to requirements at City after the first season and should be signed on loan and then on a bosman if he is available.


    Danny Graham - The best front man in the squad and has a clinical finish. Although he is slow and if you don't like target men he probably isn't for you. He can fetch a few million if sold.
    Itay Shechter - On loan and nothing special, offers depth here and out wide.
    Luke Moore - Has some value and isn't cut out for this level. Sell ASAP.
    Rory Donnelly - Is young and a possible rotation option. Is a target man but can be employed in other roles and can play out right. Has flair and determination
    Leroy Lita - Only has pace and should be sold.
    Jamie Proctor - Signed recently so can't be sold but isn't going to make it.

    Transfer Targets - You would do with a new striker and I would highly recommend Ademilson who only costs £5.25m - absolute beast, he'll do a job right away and becomes world class.

    Squad Overview:
    You have a good squad for possession football that lacks a few players.

    Tactics:Your team is suited to a high pressing, short passing game and your best formation is probably a 4-2-3-1 and a 4-1-2-2-1 could also be effective.
    This my tactic for the default squad:
    Swansea City: The Guide-2012-12-03_00005.jpg
    Move the D-line back a bit and change mentality to counter for tougher games, especially away. Also the FBs are on hold up ball.
    My tactic after first season transfers:
    Swansea City: The Guide-2012-12-03_00007.jpg
    (Note: I took this SS in the second season so de Guzman would be in the gap. I replaced him with Cabaye).
    I do the same as mentioned above for away games. Also FBs are on hold up ball and the AMC has runs from deep set to often and moves into channels while playing a passing range inbetween mixed and short. The players in the SS who aren't in the default squad were my only incoming transfers first season.

    For those of you who want this style but don't want my tactical help (I'm not brilliant) but want to play a good Swansea-like style you might want to look here: Fm13 Possession tactic discussion thread by Raikan007 and for general tactical queries: Raikan007's Tactical discussion thread Fm13

    You could also combine your save with The Gary Speed Tribute Challenge

    If anyone has any feedback, positive or negative then please leave it.
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  2. Amazing guide. The only thing I disagree with is Ashley Richards who I always keep as a backup for my midfield and RB. Wellington nem is a must buy and I find that McCarthy fits into the system amazingly. Great guide. Thanks
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  3. gogogo golem
    Modern Day Legend
    Quote Originally Posted by Cai1234 View Post
    Amazing guide. The only thing I disagree with is Ashley Richards who I always keep as a backup for my midfield and RB. Wellington nem is a must buy and I find that McCarthy fits into the system amazingly. Great guide. Thanks
    I appreciate it. Ashley Richards doesn't impress me with his stats and his performances for me were poor. I'll look at McCarthy and I think I thought he looked like he looked like a good player for the system but I think he's overpriced.

  4. I think Richards and Bartley are similar players but Richards is welsh and club grown. So naturally I prefer him.

  5. gogogo golem
    Modern Day Legend
    OK. I think Bartley is a lot better.
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  6. Good guide. I've just completed my second season with Swansea where I finished 12th then 7th (Europa League) and still have most of the above players in my first XI. Still first team regulars remain Vorm, Taylor, Williams, Chico, Britton (starting to go a bit), Michu (has turned immense), Dyer, Hernandez and Graham. Danny Graham was top scorer in the division this season and joint top in Europe (!!!!) with 27 goals after an average first season.

    The main issue to grow this team is when you get into Europe - I've suddenly realised I have no club-grown players!! On the argument above, I found Bartley far better than Richards but ended up getting rid of them both after the first season.

    Decent signings for me over the two years have proven to be Anderson (United), Belluschi (DRC from somewhere in Italy), Vladimir Weiss (Pescara I believe on a free after season 1) and Yossi Benayoun loaned for one season - was my best player for a large period of time.

    Good luck!
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  7. gogogo golem
    Modern Day Legend
    Thanks. I'll say that I sold Graham second season because we had a dispute over playing time (I was playing Ademilson a lot). I might sign Belluschi since I need to overhaul my defence soon. I also sold Vorm third season because ter Stegen was transfer listed.


  9. gogogo golem
    Modern Day Legend
    Quote Originally Posted by shovelfighter32 View Post
    What? Tactics and everything? It's not even necessarily the guide, it could be luck or something else, it worked for me but that doesn't mean it's guaranteed to work for everyone. Also, who were the other two teams and how fluid are the tactics? As well as morale?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by gogogo golem View Post
    What? Tactics and everything? It's not even necessarily the guide, it could be luck or something else, it worked for me but that doesn't mean it's guaranteed to work for everyone. Also, who were the other two teams and how fluid are the tactics? As well as morale?
    moral was all ok and tactics were fluid ive lost all 5 games cant complain bout some tho as they were against man u, spurs but ive lost to west brom reading and crystal palace!

  11. are swansea any good to be for a challange

  12. gogogo golem
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    Quote Originally Posted by gersdude View Post
    are swansea any good to be for a challange
    Depends on your definition of challenge. You see people saying decent sized European clubs are a 'challenge'. They are probably inbetween a not that large challenge and a pushing for Europe club.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by gersdude View Post
    are swansea any good to be for a challange
    It's easy to keep you're job and its easy to win the Europa league after 3 seasons. A challenge would be to win the champions league after 2 seasons. However it's really fun.

  14. thanks

  15. Swansea are lovely to manage. They have a number of v gd players (Dyer, Graham especially) and a good financial status. Plus a number of deadwood players that are easy to sell and fetch good money (Leroy Lita for 2 mil - sold to Wolves, for example)

    I promised mid table finish and got 11 mil (I think) which with players sold became 16 mil.

    With that I brought in (mostly using instalments) :

    C. Gordon (free) having sold Tremmell.
    R. Drenthe.
    C. Planas (Barca B) LB
    Vanden Borre
    Strandberg (CB/DM) - always brill for me
    Sviatchenko CB
    Alex Milosevic CB
    Chris Solly RB
    Simao DM (a legend - bought him for peanuts and in start of second season he's valued at 7mil!)
    Libor Kozak
    Wellington Nem
    Jenas Loan
    Doria CB

    Managed to come third 71 points (equal on points with second placed Man Shitty and nine off Utd), won the Capital One Cup, Lost 3-2 aet against Tottenham in FA Cup Final (they came fourth btw 4 points behind us).

    Second season I brought in:

    Casemiro (v expensive but worth it)
    Carroll (loan)
    V Weiss (free)
    Thomas Drage 600k (a steal)
    Felipe Anderson (met his 3.9 -i think- mil release clause)
    Fabio (loan)

  16. Hi guys.
    Really love the Swansea team I've managed to build. However i'm having an absolute nightmare. I am using the formation that's suggested above. Only recently switched to it after poor form using my own one. I'm dominating possession in every game but I just can't seem to create chances. Brought in Zaha, Adryan, Ademilson and Okore. All very good young players. But just reached January and im 20th! 8 points addrift. Fully expecting the sack soon. Just wondered if anyone could help me with some ideas of how to create more clear cut chances? Defence has also been awful and I realise that Swansea start with a fairly awful set of coaches so wondered if anyone could reccomend any good defencive coaches?
    Thanks a lot guys. really need the urgent help!
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  17. Mills I'm currently in my 3rd season after finnishing 9th and 6th.I'm keeping a tight wage structure throughout my save so will take awhile to compete with the big guys.

    I played a 4-1-2-2-1 formation.
    2 full backs,a bpd and a centre back
    anchor man and my centre mids were bwm and a dlp
    left and right winger and a poacher.

    my main players 1st season were Vegard Forran,Nem and Ademilson.

    My tactics were always counter although against poorer teams it was changed to control.
    I played fluid,counter,short passing,press more,man marking,normal def line and tempo and3/4 wide.

    I normally get a lot of possesion and just beat Dortmund 2-1 in my 1st Europa game.let me know if u need any info on anything else

  18. You jack b*******!

  19. I love managing Swansea, but on this save I tried something a little different midway through the season, with Ben Davies playing extremely well at LB for me and having sold Nathan Dyer for £8.5m to Reading I decided to have ago with playing Neil Taylor at AML Winger on Attack, what a decision! Won Player of the month after an extraordinary month:
    Man City 7.4, 1 assist
    Aston Villa 9.2, 3 assists
    Southampton 7.6
    Stoke 8.9 2 goals
    West Ham 9.1, 1 goal, 2 assists

  20. A brilliant little left back is Sanchez Mino, all the right attributes and becomes a lovely DLP or defensive mid if you train him.into the positions, every stat hovers around.the 15 mark with the right training.

    Sold Taylor for 10 mil to Bolton second season (am I the only person that they get an oil rich baron with?)

    First season.I brought Nem ademilson and this guy, quick shout out to Fabbrini, brilliant AMR, snap him up if you get the chance

  21. Quote Originally Posted by gersdude View Post
    are swansea any good to be for a challange
    If you want to add to the challenge, you could make it so you only signed English/ British players.. or maybe only players under 21 etc..

  22. I set myself a challenge were I can only buy players that have been bought by Swansea irl. I also buy u16s. It's quite fun and I'm currently ditting 5th in the table.

  23. even just keeping a tight wage budget helps.most i paid a player was 50k a week and team no more than 500k aweek and concentrated in bringing the youth through and try and upgrade all facilities.

  24. Not bad, i gave Celtic a bit of cash plus Ashley Richards for Gary Hooper! Quality signing.

  25. Anyone with Swansea on the new patch?I've brought in Martin Olsson 8 mill,carbral 1.2 mill,Leo 7 mill and J Walters 5 mill.sold Tate and monk plus Routledge L Moore and Augustein.hopefully get them playing the Swansea way.

  26. Hi Guys

    First time post for me so be patient please

    To the OP, signing Adam Matthews?!?!?! Really?!?!!? He's Ex-Cardiff!! Wash your mouth out Mr!!!!

    Only really started enjoying FM2013 after starting with Swansea. I think they are a great balance with a decent starting squad but low expectations, with the potential to be challenging for Europe.

    I found that using Raikan's tactic made me solid but lacked goals. I changed the two CM's to play DM, with one as a DM and the other DLP and what a difference it makes!! Using Ki as the DLP works great for me and I signed McCarthy in my 3rd season who fits in great as a replacement for an ageing Britton.

    I find Richards is an excellent back-up for Rangel and Bartley has been as consistent as Williams as a Centre back for me. Chico is also worth keeping as he can play DM too.

    I managed to sell Dyer for £7mil and replaced him with Zaha - a great trade if you ask me Also managed to get Defoe for £1.5Mil and he really made the difference as I struggled to get any of my strikers scoring regularly until then.

    Raikan also suggests playing Michu as the CF (like irl) but he didn't play well at all for me there. In my second season I also got Affelay from Barc on loan and he played very well. I find that you can get some real quality players on loan each season without worrying about blowing a whole load on their wage (3rd season in, got Kaka on loan from Man Ciy. £0 contribution but payed them £500k up front).

    I got into the Europa League at the end of the second season by finishing 6th but the lack of home-grown players is a right pain in the arse.


  27. I'm into 2020 now and loving the save.Ive won the league twice and champs league twice plus one fa cup.just aproaching April and I'm in the quarters of champs league against man u and it's tight between us and utd for the league.

    I have a lot of regens in my team.only real players are Zouma,Wanyama,Ward Prowse,Neymar and El Shaarawy is joining in the summer on a free

  28. trouble

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to ask about a couple of issues i'm having with my Swansea City file. I'm using a possession tactic very similar to the one suggested in Raikan007's possession thread. However i'm having a massive amount of trouble off crosses and set plays. I seem to give away a goal every game from a corner or a crossed free kick and i'm wondering if anyones got an idea's on how I can change this? I've been working on defending set pieces for all of pre-season as I was worried about this and I'm now 10 or so games in and the problem is persisting. I'm using Ashley Williams and Chico Flores to mark the tall players, along with 7m signing Mile Jedinak of Crystal palace who has very good stats for defending of set plays. However I cannot seem to address the problems. Just wondered if anyone could suggest any ways of fixing this persisting issue that is hampering my ability to win games! Its so frustrating. Thanks a lot.

  29. I started a new game with swansea and used your tactic. ABSOLOUTLY AMAZING!!!! Coming third in the league after 18 matches!! Bought shane long as striker and hes a complete beast. Scored 16 goals in 17 matches. Cant wait till january because i have already bought waynwama and hes coming.

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