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Staying Interested in a save?
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  1. Staying Interested in a save?

    I was just wondering what people do when they get bored of a save..

    I took over Villa 5 days before Christmas in the first season when Paul Lambert was sacked and they were sitting at the foot of the table.

    I steared my side not only to safety but to a 8th placed finish in the division.

    However, during the summer I rebuilt my team and since the start of the season I have won 1, drawn 1 and lost 2 in the league..

    I am not getting bored of being with Villa - should I stick it out and hopefully once Im at the business end of the season I will be OK again, or should I resign after less than a year in the job?

    Or simply scrap the save all together?

  2. Once you start doing well in a save you begin to like it. You have to build a team of staff and players that you like and the club will grow on you.

  3. pretty much wat lect said, i started unemployed wen the game was first released, got wimbeldon and am still with them in 2020, in the BLP atm challenging for europe, third season in the PL so not bad

  4. sometimes it's hard when you first take over but try and stick at it,build you're team+staff and it should all come good!

  5. Sometimes it feels like my game doesnt want me to play... Now I have a great save with Cordoba but my game is throwing out loads of barriers players wanting stupid contracts, the board messing with my finances, players getting lengthy injuries and then some stupid things in preseason just to annoy me...

  6. Yeah dude ^^ all of the above! When you start getting some winning streaks going and yr players get familiar with yr tactics etc. If you resign from villa you'll have to start over again with another team and go through it again!! Haha

  7. I found it's difficult to continue a save after an unbeatable - win it all season with Chelsea

  8. Start unemployed with Sudnay League experience... Try and win the Champion's League.

    It'll take years to do, maybe even a decade or two! But it'll keep you interested if you determined enough to win.

  9. StuW's Avatar StuWPremium Member
    Newcastle United, FC Barcelona Why So Serious?
    Staying interested in a save for me is easy. Keep it as realistic as possible. Realistic transfers, learning when to sell to maximise profit, steady progression(rather than rapid)
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  10. Mostly it's down to transfers.
    I never use more than 5mil over 48months, doing so to me just ruins the point of having a budget because anyone can just fill a team full off superstars by just paying it all over 48months. It also tends to completely ruin your team in longer games.

    Scouting is something that depends a lot on the team I am, for smaller clubs I will usually hunt around for a great regen that I need but at top clubs I often just leave it to my scouting team. It's far too easy for you to just hunt down all the best regens and sign them all if you have the wage budget for it, so I tend to just go for the ones that pop up on scouting reports.

    On the subject of regens I pretty much always try to keep the players that come through my own club and avoid just filling my team with 20 or so players from other countries.

    Just little limitations I put on myself really to help make the game a little more interesting and stop myself from making too much progress far too fast and just finding it too easy and boring.

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