Players Leaving on Free Transfer

  1. Players Leaving on Free Transfer

    As I'm sure many of you do, every year in September I start looking for the best players who'll be available on pre-contracts come January time. Often I'll do this to supplement my own squad, or even just to "flip" the player (signed Mame Diouf on a free, loaned him out for a season with full wages, then sold him for £11.5 million)...

    The fact I do that is probably why it's even more frustrating when I have a player who is refusing to sign a new contract. The player in question is Pedro, originally at Sampdora. I've had him for a couple of years, loaned him out to gain experience and thus didn't realise he was only signed on a 3 year contract.

    His status is now "Free Transfer", is there anyway to reverse this? It's been like this since about September, in which time I've given him a lot lot more first team football, still no change. I've attempted to terminate his contract, or offer a mutual termination, in an attempt to then re sign him immediately, no change. I've changed his squad status to key player, still no change.

    Is there any other way I can hang on to him? It's now January and I've been trying to address the issue gradually over months as I really don't want to lose him!

  2. It's likw the RVP situation, you just have to sell him to get the most that you can for him.

  3. The issue is he's only worth 5.25m, so not a massive amount and he's way off his potential. Now it's January European clubs are attempting to take him on a pre-contract. The only option I cna think of is selling him with a buy-back clause now.

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