My Hyundai A-League challenge

  1. Polo429
    AFC Bournemouth Trainee

    My Hyundai A-League challenge

    I decided that I had achieved most things with English clubs in past fm games (leading Stevenage to the premier league in fm10, Newcastle to champions league glory in fm11, winning everything possible with spurs in fm12) that I wanted a new challenge. So I looked towards the A-League and Western Sydney Wanderers fitted the bill. A brand new club with no history that I could work my magic on. The A-League for me is a very fun league to play, and I just finished my first season, with the board "hoping to learn from the experience", I finished a very respectable 7th, finishing just 5 goals short of taking the final A-League finals series place. Now signed a new 3 year contract and looking forward to the challenge of turning Wanderers into a top Australian team.

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun! What kind of budget do you have?

  3. I'm doing this as well, cause I'm Australian and support the Wanderers IRL. The budgets with A-League are odd, I think it's like 40k or something transfer budget, and wage budget is fixed due to a salary cap. You can't change them either. It's good fun though, I'd like to eventually win the AFC Champion's League, but that's a long way off.

  4. Polo429
    AFC Bournemouth Trainee
    Fair play sketch, I've been following the a league for a few years now, ever since Robbie Fowler moved to the fury, problem is in the uk we only get a half hour highlights show every week as well as the live play offs and series final. I was a Gold Coast fan as I have friends that live there, but now I follow Brisbane Roar, they're having a rough season so far. Besart Berisha is my favourite player, he's a demon in front of goal.

    But yeah the a league is fun to play and it's different too and far less stressful than say England or Spain, granted its difficult to sign players as you can't sign players from other a league clubs (any reason for this sketch?) but the league is brilliantly run as I love the limited foreign players rule and the salary cap is something that should be embraced throughout the game. Also the Marquee signings make it far more interesting too, as I released Shinji Ono and made Diego Arismendi my Marquee player. I'd love to take Wanderers to the top and win AFC Champions League too.

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