Ademilson Injury Prone?

  1. Ademilson Injury Prone?

    I can't remember if he is injury prone from the off or if i just have rotten luck but if i give him a start he will get crocked at some point in the match. (typically before the end of the first half )

    Has anyone got any tips on how to manage a player with the self-preservation of a Lemming? It would be a shame to have to cut my losses on such a promising talent.

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    The skill is to keep him at peak fitness, whilst building up his Stamina and Natural Fitness through training. I had a similar problem for a couple of months, but since making sure that his training keeps him at optimum fitness, I haven't had a problem.

  3. Hi thanks for the reply, I just started using him as a sub in the last 30 mins for a few weeks and he seems to be back to normal with no injuries in ages.

  4. focus his individual training on fitness that'll help

  5. Man I hate injury prone players, David Alaba get injured on mine at least 3-4 times per season, sometimes for a month at a time, he is the best LB on the game imo but he is always getting injured -_-

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