Shooting from a non-existent angle!!! >.<

  1. Shooting from a non-existent angle!!! >.<

    Idk if this is down to my tactics/player instructions or just a bug in the game, but more often than not, if a player gets into the box from an even slightly wide position, he either waits far, far, far too long to put the ball into the box or decides to try and dribble all the way to the goal post and shoot from an angle that's as close to zero as it's possible to get!

    And I don't mean just wide players, I have my main strikers as well AMC's attempt such feats quite frequently, as well as full-backs... And the AI does it often, too!

    The only time in recent memory the player didn't make this decision, he was Papiss Cisse, in the box with just one defender running up on him from the side plus the goalie, and he opted to turn away and run off towards the byline before getting tackled for a corner!

    Does anyone else see this issue crop up often, and if so, any idea if it's fixable by tactical tweaks? Or is it just a match engine bug (and don't tell me they're a myth, I've seen too many of my world-class Chelsea players head away balls when they were the only player around for miles to believe you)?

  2. Not sure if it's a bug or not, but I have the same issue. If they're gonna go all the way to the byline, they might as well try to cross it or pass it out 45 degrees. But instead they all think they're Roberto Carlos. I guess I've just assumed it was a bug, but tbh I'm not sure.

  3. I have the same issue aswell guys, happens quite often and then because he hits the post and it goes off the pitch it doesnt count as a shot on target or a ccc.

  4. Same happens to me a lot. Although Ben Arfa did actually score from it once, hey!

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