Starting a New Swansea save, need help/advice

  1. Starting a New Swansea save, need help/advice

    Okay guys I'm starting a new Swansea career in FM 2013. I always struggle to buy/find decent players, can you possible give me a list of players to sign for Swansea and maybe a decent tactic to use.

  2. Wellington nem 3.5million
    Nigel Reo Coker free get him fast
    Jonas tottenham midfielder on loan
    Craig Gordon free
    Callejon real Madrid loan
    Zaha 7.5m
    Henley Blackburn

  3. I play with three tactics:
    4-2cm-2wingers-2 control, fluid, short pass, everything else depends on the opposition.
    4-3cm-2wingers-1 same as before although contain if you feel like it.
    4-2cm-3w+amc-1 control, fluid, short pass, everything else depends on the opposition.

    I also advise having a look at the oppositions weak points and focus passing there.I Don't play with a high d

  4. Im not good at URL but heres an attempt. Swansea City: The Guide

  5. Starting a New Swansea save, need help/advice-swansea_-transfers-history.pngi did a swansea save and they were my transfers 1st season anderson was the only player i paid straight cash for the rest over 48 months i used zeros escape to athena tactic version 4 and i finished 4th 1st season missed out on champions league as chelsea won the champions league Starting a New Swansea save, need help/advice-barclays-premier-league_-overview-stages.png so it can be done leon britton was a diamond as a dlp

  6. Noooooooo, you sold Garry Monk, how could you, don't tell me you got rid of Alan Curtis as well. And selling Hernandez for less than 10m is a waste.
    I forgot to mention Drenthe on a free is an amazing signing and McCarthy is amazing as third Dlp.

  7. Which Players Should I Buy/Sell on FM 2013?

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