anyone bundesliga save?

  1. anyone bundesliga save?

    anyone doing bundesliga save, what teams are you?
    i might try dortmund!

  2. try dortmund, good young team that already has a few near world class players.. potential to dominate europe. just try hanging on to goetze, lewandowski and hummels. they are the core of your team

  3. I have a Bundesliga save every year. Normally go with Leverkusen but tried Schalke last year. Really enjoyed it too. Still weighing up who to be this time though. Don't fancy Dortmund. Might try Leverkusen again. I can recommend them to anyone looking to start a German save. Very good team and masses of potential.

  4. what is leverkusen and dortmund youth like good regens??

  5. Why not Monchengladbach?

  6. Leverkusen had very good regens for me but so did Schalke.

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