Quick Question about German players
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  1. Quick Question about German players

    Do German players ever make caps? I know they have the greyed out players on their national squad but didn't know if they would just generate caps. As say i wanted to sign a german player, i could technically put on his contract that after 1 cap he would move up to for e.g. £300,000 per week wages which would probably make him more likely to sign/accept lower inital wages. Suppose this could be classes as a cheat or bug but just wondering if it would work

  2. That might actually work, never thought of that. I have ter Stegen in my squad, and on his profile it says he's made 1 cap. I checked Philipp Lahm, it says he has 91 caps, while on Wikipedia it says 95. And I'm in March 2015, so it does look like they don't get caps in the game.

  3. woooow, that could be a good cheat.

  4. They do have some players in U21 and U19 that aren't greyed out though, these are all regens. Maybe the first team will also get filled with regens after a while.

  5. Hmm, there doesn't seem to be an option that allows you to include a clause that makes the players' wage increase after first cap, like described in the OP. There is however a "International cap bonus", which is paid out to the player for every cap he earns.

  6. There is a clause named 'Wage after reaching international appearances'

  7. Quote Originally Posted by parkin90 View Post
    There is a clause named 'Wage after reaching international appearances'
    Don't see it. Tried finding it by offering contracts to like 5 different players. Post a screenshot if you find it, because I sure can't.

  8. Found it. It's obviously only possible to offer to certain players.

  9. Was the same last few versions i think, some people says its a cheat some dont. Dont do it myself but each to his own. Does it actually work though?

  10. I don't think it's a cheat as when I offer some old English players contracts I set international bonuses to max as I know they won't get them.

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