MAJOUR PROBLEM!!!!! Help me!!!!?
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  1. MAJOUR PROBLEM!!!!! Help me!!!!?

    Okay so, I recently updated steam, and found out I could not log back in, because it was apparently an unknown computer, so they sent me an email with a code, so I went onto the email website and tried to get into my emails, it turns out Microsoft have deleted my account because I hadn't signed in for an amount of time, so they deleted my account, I then made a new steam account but couldn't install fm13 because I needed the code to activate the game, so I put the code in that I had before, and now it's not letting it get approved cos I had it on my old account, now I can't play fm so what do I do? Any help thanks?
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  2. im not really experienced with steam, i have only 2 or 3 steam games, but why dont you login on steam WEB page and change your email there? Im not sure if it's possible though

  3. dafuq, Microsoft shouldn't be doing that.

  4. Damn right they shouldn't, oh well I'll try the web page, thanks guys

  5. Just tried the web page, same message

  6. Call microsoft and have them set the account up again then try again.
    Failing that contact Steam and explain your situation, as long as you can prove to them you are who you say you are you're fine.

  7. I will thanks

  8. Contact Steam is the best approach I think. I contacted them when I had my account hacked, and they sorted it out in a matter of minutes. Very good customer service.

  9. I posted a reply like this in the support forum thing, still haven't contacted me...

  10. Ironically, this happens, the week steam forum servers are offline? Why do they even need steam to run the game! It only causes problems!

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