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NEED HELP! building a team of youth
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  1. NEED HELP! building a team of youth

    I have just started a save with Newcastle... I am going to try and build a team of totally young players and still succeed...
    What players are a must have (must be below 23)

  2. If you have money:

    James Rodriguez
    Kyle Walker

    and so on, and so on...

  3. I dont have that kind of money, I need a cheap young team which will develop into a top team eg. Players like wellington nem and adryan?

  4. GK: Maxym Koval, Bernd Leno, Timo Horn
    LB/RB: Florian Hartherz, Davide Santon(You have), Matthias Zimmermann, Wallace
    CB: Serge Gamwanya, Danny Wilson, Sergiy Kryvtsov, Marquinhos
    CM: Andre Hoffmann, Josip Radosevic, Ole Kristian Selnaes, Andrea Bertolacci
    LM/RM: Fausto Rossi, Ladislav Krejci, Lazar Markovic, Adem Ljajic, Alvaro Vadillo, Nicusor Stanciu, Gabriel Iancu
    ST: Mattia Destro, Carlos Fierro, Pierre-Michel Lasogga, Abel Hernandez

    There are obviously better players out there but you don't have a huge amount to buy them all with.
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  5. I'm wolves I'm in 2018 won league and champions league 3x in a row for past few seasons my average age has been 22 but a few are regens. I have ter Stegen, lamela, adryan, Milner, ganso, capriari, el shawrarry few are older like Milner and ganso but there still great players to have in team to set examples and tutour.

  6. I'll have a look at all the ones youve mentioned TJD07 ... Which do you think are the best of the ones youve mentioned?
    And ArchiCP I will keep BA and Harper as older players to tutor as they have good characteristics , I hope mine will be as successful

  7. Get Doria from Botafogo, DC with very high potential and only costs £525K.

  8. Thanks, eventhough i have just bought 3 for my 3-4-2-1 formation, I will just buy him and rotate

  9. Caprari, Jano and Erick Torres are all good young players

  10. gogogo golem
    Liverpool and Macclesfield Follows: Leicester City Modern Day Legend
    Ademilson is a beast if you are willing to spend £5m.

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