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has anyone bought these players?

  1. has anyone bought these players?

    i'm a man utd fan, and because of transfer speculation i'd like to know if james rodriguez from porto is any good, and also wilfred zaha(crystal palace) and nick powell(man u, formerly crewe). thanks

  2. I rate james Rodriguez seems to play very well in AML and just behind the striker he's not cheap though, zaha isn't bad but I don't rate him highly enough to cut into the united team

  3. playing Zaha at Everton first season, does some awesome runs as a lone striker, 7 goals and 6 assists rating 7.32 in january. cost 7 mil gbp.
    and nick Powell is playing well backup player first season but cost a fair amount, like 15 mil.

  4. I bought James Rodriguez, similar player to Nani and Valencia. Very good wide player, doesn't suit playing inside that much. Get him on the flanks so he can whip them balls in. Nick Powell is, average. He had a very good loan spell for me at Blackburn but. Other than that, he's a mid-table premiership player.
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  5. I used Zaha as a AMR in my Man City and now Aston Villa saves and he does quite well in that role.

  6. Powell is doing ok for me started to influence games a fair bit.. I signed James Rodriguez and he is doing ok do me, I don't really play him that much as an IF normally as W/S or a W/A and change his settings to cross a lot and into the middle of the box. It might take him a while to get used to the Prem cause he doesn't speak English.

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