Whats tactics work for you?

  1. Whats tactics work for you?

    I am interested in finding out what tactics work for different users and different teams as it seems that a lot of people on the forum use different successful tactics. Then when another user tries the same tactics they don't have any effect.

    I am currently Liverpool and won the BPL in the first season, playing a 4-1-1-3-1 formation and tinkering with it ever so slightly depending on the opposition. Now in the second season i have had to change tactic because using the same method as before i find myself in 9th position after player 10 games.

  2. I have about six tactics I'll use depending on the team and style I'm managing. My favourites are:
    Gk:dr dc dc dl: dmc: mc mc: aml amr: st contain/control. Short passing. Fluid. Others depend on opposition. Playing against slightly better teams.
    Gk:dr dc dc dl: mc: Amr amc aml:stc stc
    Control. Short passing. Others depend. Good for equal level of teams.
    Gk:dc dc dc:wbr wbl: mc mc mc: amc: stc
    Contain/Defend/counter. Short/direct passing. Others depend. Genrally against much better teams. Eg wrexham vs man utd.

  3. I'm also playing as Liverpool, and in my 4th season. My primary tactic has always been an attacking 4-2-3-1, but I regularly change my formation to counter the opposition when I play away from home. IOW my 4-2-3-1 is more of a home tactic, while away I mix it up from game to game, depending on the formation and strength of opposition.

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