No players are interested!!

  1. No players are interested!!


    Im managing Truro city (the biggest challenge in FM13). Im in my third season (midseason, third place) and no player in the world is interested in joining my club. First season i escaped relegation by finishing 14th, what is quite a performance in my opinion. 2nd season i became 7th. I use genie scout to filter the hunderds of free transfer players, but now no player is interested eventough i came in 7th last season. My good players on amateur base are getting snatched by other clubs, so i have only 12 players left. i tried all the FT players on 2 weeks test hoping i could sign them after the test period, but they all decline. Help please!!!!

    Greets (sorry for my grammar, im dutch)

  2. I'm also managing Truro, similar to yourself, strugging to find players that are interested in joining. FInished 16th first season, now currently 17th in second season.

    I'd suggest looking to Exeter, Plymouth and Torquay reserve teams for young players on the transfer list, some of these will join you on loan.

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