An Idiot's Guide To Football Management : Liverpool FC

  1. An Idiot's Guide To Football Management : Liverpool FC

    An Idiot's Guide To Football Management : Liverpool FC

    League: English Premier League
    European Competition
    : Euro Cup

    Expectations / Transfer Budget / Wage Budget
    Qualify for EC / £3 Million / £1.5 Million
    Qualify for CL / £3.8 Million / £1.7 Million
    Title Challenge / £4.1 Million / £1.7 Million

    Key Players

    Luis Suarez – Liverpool's main goal threat (from the starting squad).Works well as either a deep lying forward, or as a poacher. Can also play as an AML/AMC/AMR.

    Steven Gerrard - Liverpool's captain, a fantastic midfielder who can play as an AMC/AMR/AML, MC/MR/ML and DM. If you're feeling especially crazy,he can play as a RB/RWB. Always a goal threat for LFC.

    Daniel Agger – Liverpool's best defensive player, an absolute monster especially with Martin Skrtel. Plays for me as a DC in the role of 'Central Defender', but can also play great as a 'BPD'. Can also play at LB if you're desperate. I choose to replace Jamie Carragher with him as the vice-captain whenever I start with Liverpool.

    Jose Manuel Reina/Pepe Reina – Although he's inconsistent and out of form in real life, he is a fantastic keeper whenever I have him out. Makes great saves, rarely makes a mistake and usually only gets beaten when his defenders go missing or score against him.

    Youth Prospects

    Raheem Sterling – Probably the best youth player at LFC now. Has immense pace and dribbling ability. Works best as an AMR.

    Jordon Ibe – Another winger with fantastic potential. Very similar to Sterling in terms of potential, pace and dribbling. Also works best as an AMR.


    I can only recommend getting in Johan Cruyff (Johan Cruijff in game) for Colin Pascoe. The rest is up to you as LFC already has some good members of staff. Maybe get in a few good scouts. And, if you want to, Guy Ferrier or Eric Cantona are both decent Directors of Football.


    I personally choose to play a 4-1-2-3 system. I use 3 strikers and wingbacks which gives me plenty of options. The DM and two DCs give me plenty of cover while my two MCs can both create chances and help out at the back. My team play a short passing game focussed on keeping posession and making a lot of chances (Barcapool). Shouts and formation:

    An Idiot's Guide To Football Management : Liverpool FC-9e85f4915547c40aab2bcebb2b50dc89.pngAn Idiot's Guide To Football Management : Liverpool FC-screen-shot-2012-12-09-07.10.17.png

    (Have a few players injured at this time)


    I have a few recommendations here, firstly sell Glen Johnson and Jose Enrique. They go for about £18m and £9m respectively. Stewart Downing usually sells for £9m, although I could only get him out on loan (his wages are a b***h.) You'll get loan offers for a fair ammount of players, I usually accept them all, most with the option to recall.

    Now for the fun part, transfers in. Demba Ba is a steal at £7m and plays well as a poacher with Suarez and Borini beside him. Wellington Nem and Ademilson are steals for £3.8m and £5.25m. Diego Lugano is available for under £2m and is a good back-up for Skrtel and Agger. Bring in Wallace from Fluminense for under £5m and play him at LB, or play Danny Wilson there. Adryan from Flamengo at £875k is a must, the biggest bargain ever. Andrea Poli from Sampdoria is also available for £7m if you can afford him. I'm not sure if this happens in every game, but Luiz Gustavo was available on loan from Bayern for £100k a month, I do love a good bargain. In January, Mattia Destro and Fernando Llorente become free agents, I recommend both, but Barca stole Llorente from my clutches (c***s), so I was unhappy with that.

    My Save
    This may shock some of you (or all of you) but, I managed to go the whole season unbeaten in the league, beat Spurs 6 times out of 7. Yes, 7. Winning the Europa League/Euro Cup, winning the League Cup, and winning the FA Cup... Domination.

    Anyway, good luck to those who try this, and I hope it helped.

  2. this is quality!

  3. Maybe replace current Fitness coaches with Winsper and Webb?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by markfedd View Post
    Maybe replace current Fitness coaches with Winsper and Webb?
    Possibly, it all comes down to personal preference for me. But I've never had any problems with Boyle, Milsom or Driscoll.

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