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Lara Bender or Sven Bender for Man UTD

  1. Lara Bender or Sven Bender for Man UTD

    Which one Would be better for DM or CM? Play a 4-2-3-1. Sold Cleverley so I would like a good replacement do when scholes and carrick go.. Any info??

  2. Celtic First Team
    neither they're both Benders... hahahah, nah just kidding but i remember Sven Bender being the better one. but if you could get both, then you'd have two good midfielder, who will get along immensely.

  3. Lars is the better DM

  4. I prefer Lara Bender since he raids tombs in his spare time.

  5. I believe Sven is a little cheaper and has slightly better defensive stats(marking and positioning I think but could be wrong), but Lars has better pace and first touch. I have Lars as DM on my Arsenal team and he has been stellar

  6. This is the question i ask myself everyday, which bender do i go for...

  7. Bender Bending Rodriguez.

  8. I had both as my holding midfielders for United, Sven is definitely the better one for me.

  9. Lars is better, if you compare the attributes everything that Sven is better than Lars at, Lars is already boss at that anyway. Sven's wages are considerably less and would cost less. If you're playing 2 DMs then they would probably go very well together, stick Mario Gotze in the AMC position in front of them and you have a quality German midfield my friend.

  10. I had Lars in midfield with Sandro for Man U and they both played very well

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