Too many players transfer listed - too easy!

  1. Too many players transfer listed - too easy!

    Hey guys, been playing FM13 with Real Sociedad, won the league in my second season (+quarter final champions league).

    I just wanted to share something really annoying about the game - Way, waayyy too many players are transfer listed!
    In FM12, if i had 10-15mil and wanted a world class attacker, I had to dig deep... contracts running out, unhappy players, or just undervalued ones. Now it seems that every player that isn't in a top club, or isn't first team, will eventually request transfer.

    I wanted to buy an attacking midfielder. Right now in my market were Isco (which I bought), El Shaarawy, Gaitan, Gaston Ramirez, Schrulle, Herrera, Shaqiri, Ashley Young, Douglas Costa and Rakitic!
    Also in the market: Dede, Chicharito, Yanga Mbiwa, Lichsteiner, Poli, Badelj, Sessengon, Kuzmanovic, Afellay and more.
    If I wanted to spend more, there's Falcao, Rossi and Kagawa on sale too.

    And that's only now! During the game Madrid started badly, so Ramos, Modric, Ozil, Di Maria, Khedira and Benzema all requested transfer! None of them actually left though.
    Also Holtby, Benat, M'Villa, Belhanda, Rakitsky, Sandro, Armero, Cabaye, Hummels and more - all were listed at some point, most of them moved too.

    There's just way too many WC players on sale, looking to leave, and they are mostly affordable. It makes the game too easy. I wanted an LB? Boom, Contreo on sale for 9mil asking price. Thanks.

    What do you think?

  2. Mine is the same but I didn have the money to get anyone I wouldn buy Rossi if you talking about the Villareal man he is too injury prone

  3. I dont have as many world class players on the transfer list as you do but i do get what you mean.
    A number of world class players wanted to leave just after the first 6 months of my save.

    I try not to sign them anyway, just cause i feel it ruins my save. I end up facing stronger rivals which is always a better challenge.

  4. In my save, neymar as requested and you can get him for 66 mill, lol.

    I think it is the way modern football is managed. There are a lot of players that want to go to bigger teams and request the transfer. it's not bad and it's better than having to pay 60 mill for Jelavic

  5. same thing happened on my save... now my man united attack consists of: Rooney RvP Neymar(40mil) Falcao(26 mil) Gotze(35mil)

  6. Maybe it's more realistic, I dunno, but it makes the game a lot easier. So many great players to sign, where in FM12 you needed at least 30 mil to get any of them, in many cases more (Hummels was so expensive in FM12, now he went for 15mil to city after requesting transfer).

    Instead of looking for players to buy for my budget, I now have too many options, and I'm only sociedad!
    Ended up snatching Isco and Badelj.
    Govinho how the hell did you fit all those players in one realistic formation? Gotze playing CM?

  7. Gotze AMR
    Van Persie/Neymar AML
    Falcao Poacher ST
    Rooney CM

    Formation 4-5-1

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