Opposition Scouting Reports

  1. Opposition Scouting Reports

    In older versions you used to get opponent reports like this:
    Opposition Scouting Reports-imageuploadedbytapatalk1355448454.427691.jpg

    In this version you get the team report and formation tendency, but none of the analysis.

    Is there a way to get more detailed reports?

  2. I dont think so mate I preferred that type of report to the new ones because that is actually a report... The new system is a mess I never used it at all last year and this year I only check it if the team Im playing is decent... Theres too much pointless and useless information IMO sure you can take a lot from it if you know what your looking for but in practice its poorly laid out and clumsy...
    For me you should get a report like that as well as all the supporting information...
    It should say something like this...
    "Team X is currently sitting mid table they have a strong physical presence upfront and like to pump the ball into the box from wide positions their wingers are quick and will look to take on our FBs at any opportunity. The majority of their goals come from crosses with the most assists coming from their right flank. If we prevent their wide players receiving the ball in advanced positions we will shut down their main threat which allow us to focus on countering their weaknesses.
    Team Xs backline is also physically strong and possess a fair amount of pace however their LB is quite weak in the tackle and has poor positioning I recommend we focus our attack down our right flank to expose this weakness. It should also be noted their GK is poor with the ball at his feet we should look to close him down at every opportunity.
    Player X possesses their main threat we should look to unsettle him in the press and hard tackling to knock him out of his stride.
    And of course the pitch @ X is long and narrow which will favour a more direct style of play."

    Naturally many will say this makes the game easier but this only gives an indication. Other players who are more tactically adapt will see other ways to exploit the information given this type of report is more realistic IMO. You can piece together this information from the current 'report' yourself but I find it too tedious...

  3. That's too bad. With the team report you can kind of formulate a strategy. In a recent fixture I was able to work out the opposition's left side was incredibly weak and managed to win 3-0 focusing my attacks down that side.

    Still would be nice to receive more detailed reports though.

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