Doubt concerning Portuguese B-Teams

  1. Doubt concerning Portuguese B-Teams

    I'm finding it hard to gather the pennies needed for the game, and I have a certain doubt.

    For those who are unaware, this season they added 6 spots on Portuguese Second League reserved for top-flight clubs who wanted to give their youngsters some match experience. Those are the B-Teams...

    From the second season onwards, what happens to those 6 B-Teams? Are they fixed for all eternity or can we apply to have one if we manage any other top-division team? And the opposite, if we manage one of the 6 teams who got one, can we abandon it?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. 3rd season in with Benfica and the teams stay. We can't manage them and we can't end them.

    When I said can't manage them it means we can't if we're mid game with any other team but if you start a new game I'm not sure, I'd say no though

  3. Thanks! Gotta say, my main purpose on asking this is because I plan to go with Académica and having a B-Team would be great. So it's a disappointment if it's utterly impossible on the game when it definitely should be an option (reputation + budget allowing)

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