what saves you guys doing?
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  1. what saves you guys doing?

    has the title says,
    what save are you doing, what season you in? enjoying it?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by LufcAnt View Post
    has the title says,
    what save are you doing, what season you in? enjoying it?
    Got a save with Liverpool going.

    1st season - finished 8th, won FA cup and europa league
    2nd season - finished 5th, won fa cup and europa league (again!)
    3rd season - about 2 months in im sitting 3rd place and still in every competition

  3. Nottingham Forest
    1st season - Got promotion, and won FA cup.
    Start of the season was horrible, as I completely rebuild entire squad, there was load of average players on high wages. After first 20 league matches I was on 15th position, and my best streak was draw, and two wins (first three games of the season), later team glued and we started winning only to lose title in the last match against wolves.
    In FA cup I was a little lucky with draws, and won final with swansea in penalties.

    2nd season - 15th, knocked out from euro cup in penalties of first knockout round by benfica. Rebuild squad again, bought a few regens, and some other youngsters, average age of my team was 21. So start was poor again, was even at the very bottom somewhere in the middle of the season. Ended up 15th, 11 points above relegation zone.

    3rd season - 6th, knocked out from all competitions pretty fast. This time I made very few deals, most important ones being season-long loan of cleverley, and another courtesy of manu - 5,75m deal of Hernandez, he was exactly the players I was looking for, as I was in huge need of some typical poacher, and couldn't find anyone suitable. He ended up being top scorer in europe with 31 goals in 33 matches (many times he was coming off the bench, was scoring on average every 70mins).

    4th season - 4th, knocked out from all competitions very soon, again. As for transfers, even tough I had 25m and 600k of wage budget left, I've gone only for free transfers (signed Caldirola, Tabanou, Junior Moraes, and Costil on pre-contract). Weirdly I had awful start of the season, I should thank there great draws in euro cup (got some slovenian team, turkish, and two russian). I know I could play there with some reserve squad, but I really wanted to progress there. After 13 matches, I was at 15th position, but then we really had a stormer, and were 1 point behind liverpool, and 3 points behind manu, while city won their 5th title in row.

    I've to say that I intended, to play this save only for 1-3 seasons, just to get familiar with new FM, but I ended up really enjoying it, and I'm certainly not going to abandon this save anytime soon. The only weird thing is that my fan base isn't growing at all (around 100-200 more seasonal tickets each season), and I found it especially disappointing, as I wanted to build a new stadium, and as for now I rarely have a sell out for current one. In FM12 saves fan base seemed to grow a lot faster than that.

  4. Save with Villa.

    I'm in 2017/2018 now.

    2012-2013 - Finished 9th
    13-14 - Finished 5th
    14-15 - Finished 3rd
    15-16 - Won league and CL semi finalist
    16-17 - Won league, league cup and FA Cup, CL league Quarters lost to Barca
    17-18 - On course for comfortable 1st and still in all competitions in January

    Average age of the team is under 23, I have some amazing regens through my own academy and ones I've brought in as well. It's been a fun save but thinking about a different challenge, it's not really keeping my interest for some reason

  5. fc united save,

    first season came third went up through the playoffs,

    second season after rebuilding my entire squad first twenty gaas rubbish stuck with it got some class loans for the conferance (brian stock, waghorn) now flying two points outside the playoffs with ten games to go

  6. liverpool part of the invincible challenge won the league
    season 2 charity sheild fa cup won league and champion league i beat barcelona on pens.
    3 won charity shield and euro super cup still playing the rest of the season.
    llorente is a beast
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  7. WBA save:
    First season finished second, mixture of other teams hitting a bad run of form and Shane Long scoring 34 in 37 games.
    Won the FA cup and went out in first game of the capital one cup.

    Second season I won it, City and United both imploded about half way through the season dropping near 20 points. Arsenal ended up second after losing last game of the season 4-3 to City. Went out of the Champs league in group stage, FA cup I lost to Southampton early on and won the capital one cup.

    Third season won it again, Arsenal, City and Liverpool were main challenge all season, top four finished within 2 points of each other. Chelsea came eighth and lost four-five first team players due to transfer requests. Got a very lucky run of games in the Champs league and played a very much weakened Spurs team in the final (they'd lost a few players due to injuries and cards). Went out of the FA and capital one really early again most down to playing kids.

    Got a few others running but that's been the most successful.

  8. Started with Crystal Palace in the n-power got promoted after the 1st season 2012/13. We started ok in the Premiership then the Sevilla seat cropped up and I really wanted to Manage them and applied. Obviously the Palace Chairman didn't like it at all and gave me an ultimatum and I ended up resigning, plus Van-Baston got the Sevilla job and I was un-employed.

    For the rest of the 2013/14 I stayed un-employed and the Roma seat became available and I jumped at the chance!
    We won the Serie A in my 1st season and then went on to win the Italian Cup and Euro Cup.

    Current season 2015/16 we are on course for a second League title and hoping to get to the Semis, or Final of the Champions League.

    When my contract runs out at the end of the 2018/19 season I'm hoping to ply my trade in Spain.

  9. 2012/2013 1st in Liga Adelante with Cordoba, knocked out of Coppa Del Rey in first round
    2013/2014 7th in La Liga qualify for Europa Lge, knocked out of Coppa Del Rey in first round again
    2014/2015 3rd in La Liga, knocked out of quarters finals of Europa Lge, knokced out of last 16 in Coppa Del Rey
    2015/2016 3rd in La Liga, 3rd in Champions Lge Group but go on to win the Europa Lge and win the Coppa Del Rey
    2016/2017 Won La Liga (with 101 points and 103 goals), Won the Champions Lge on penalties against City and knocked out of the Coppa Del Rey in Last 16

    Im now going to manage Villa as well as Cordoba...

  10. All sound rather interesting, different teams/leagues. i'm trying to find a decent save what i can enjoy atm thinking to start un-employed maybe see how that goes?

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