Striker Struggles

  1. Striker Struggles

    Hey guys, I was just looking for a little advice from someone on hear as to how to get my strikers going if there struggling? I'm in my first year with Spurs and through mid March my strikers have accounted for all of 4 league goals, granted the wing play has been brilliant, i would love to see more of a contribution from my centre forwards. I run a 4-4-1-1 for the most part, so if theres any sort of tactical advice or experiences you could share with me it would be immense. Cheers!

  2. Hard to say where you go wrong when we don't know how you are playing. Why not start a new thread in the tactic section where you provide all the needed information for us to help you. If you have tweaked any player settings, don forget to inform us of this to as a compliment to the player roles and duties


  3. If you are happy with how you are doing never mind the fact your strikers are not scoring. Its probably the 1 attacker tactic you use.

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