how to convince player to change nationailties

  1. how to convince player to change nationailties


    I have a save as far as 2017 and im the Congo Manager as well as club manager in germany, but I wanna convince a young french right back who would run rings round all my current players to play for the congo he is eligible and uncapped for france and not in any youth teams but he rejects my call ups every time. any suggestions how i coulc convince him to play for me? i am also trying to convince samba to come out of retirement and also failing to convince them these 2 are the best players available for the congo but i cant get them to play i have got a few other french players to play for congo so was wondering if anyone had a suggestion?


  2. Try to praise him in a press conference and build up a good relationship to him.

  3. try praising the players that wont take the call up and they aint taking it no interest in what I have to say

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    The problem is he's young. To persuade him you'll have to improve massively because otherwise you'll probably have to wait until he's twenty four. Keep at it though. You really need to build up a relation with Samba, though. Sign him for you club and butter him up loads until he loves you. Then ask him.

  5. cool thanks for the help congo badly needs all the help i can get

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