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past playing expeierance

  1. past playing expeierance

    i was just woundering does this option make a big differnce if you start the game as a sunday league footballer or a international footballer and if so what all i have noticed is when you start as a sunday league player 3-4 players would start off with really bad marole witch gos back to narmal once you win 2-3 pre-season games ???

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    Massive difference. The better the experience, the better motivation and morale by a long way.
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  3. what about if you start with automatic?

  4. I started off as a no name footballer with Man U. Whole club hated me and had poor morale for about half of the first season. Everything I said either caused a negative reaction. Once I got through that first half and was at the top of the table, things then started to turn around.

  5. also affects the players you can attract. makes a huge difference lower down the pyramid

  6. thanks guy's so really if you want a bigger challenge go sunday league footballer and earn there

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