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Bath City - A Definitive Guide

  1. Bath City - A Definitive Guide

    Bath City – The Definitive Guide
    By Seacow

    Name: Bath City

    Nickname: City

    Founded: 1889

    Status: Semi-Pro

    Stadium (Capacity): Twerton Park (8880, 1006 seated)

    League: Blue Square Bet South

    Media Prediction: 3rd

    Last 5 League Positions: 23rd(Blue Square Bet Prem),10th(Blue Square Bet Prem),4th(Blue Sqaure Bet South), 8th(Blue Sqaure Bet South) , 8th(Blue Sqaure Bet South)
    (Most recent First)

    Rivalries: Chippenham, Salisbury, Clevedon, Forest Green, Gloucester, Cheltenham

    Board Expectations

    In the first season, the minimum season expectation you can set is to

    However, I'd suggest setting it to winning the league, as you could do with a bit more funds and have a strong core to the squad although there are a few areas need strengthening (we'll get onto that later). I would recommend transferring the transfer budget across to use on wages as you can’t buy anyone at this level who doesn’t have an alternative on the free transfer market.

    The board require no special requirements, and do not have any extra expectations. Although you may find that if you do not play attacking football and fail to win they will grow tired of you. And as one of the favourites for the title and stronger teams in the division it would be best to attempt attacking football

    The Clubs Facilities:

    Bath have a poor stadium condition, and despite the pitch condition being perfect when you take over you can enjoy watching it deteriorate over the coming season. The club possess fairly basic training facilities and corporate facilities and rent fairly basic youth facilities.

    Currently Bath do not any affiliates, I cannot recommend enough the benefits. The board may be dismissive at first but persevere, convince them of the financial benefits. I was able to get Doncaster Rovers and although I was able to have my pick of their youth system I was able to bring in 2/3 players on loan who added quality and depth to the side.

    The Squad

    There are a couple of little gems within the squad you are given.

    Charlie Griffin is a natural goalscorer and will excel at this level given the right instructions and supply
    Gethin Jones will be nothing but consistant in your back line (personally averaging 7.28 in the first season for me)
    Marc Canham is a free scoring centre mid, particularly when set to box-to-box or set as an advanced playmaker allowed to make surges into the box


    On first glance it would appear that with the current squad a 4-4-2 formation may be easily implemented, however with a few shrewd purchases and looking at positional capabilities of players it is possible to play 4-2-3-1 to great effect. (Below is a link to a tactic that I have used in over 75% of matches.)

    However if you like to create your own tactics then consider the standard of pitch you will be playing on and your players capabilities, a direct style will suit the division well, along with a more rigid approach to stop defenders and midfielders wandering when you don’t want them too.

    Also look to use counter strategy when away from home against a similar or larger side and against larger sides at home in the cup. I recommend having a number of different tactics readily available to switch in a heartbeat.

    4-2-3-1 bath

    3-4-2-1 bath


    Bath have a side that is easily capable of a top 8 finish without bringing anyone in, however here’s a few I recommend to push on and win the league. Here unattached players are all you will be looking at unless you are aiming to bankrupt your club. And don’t be bullied into paying wages you can’t afford.

    Adam Rundle – AML - Free
    David Lynch – MC - Free
    Steffan Jones – DRC - Free
    Andy Burgess – AMLC – Free
    Evan Finnegan – D/ML – Loan
    Adam Street – GK – Free (normally can’t get a work permit but worth a try)

    Who to Sell:

    Anyone you have no plans on using, it’s simple free up as much wage budget as possible to bring in some players of use. However be wary to changing too much as you will struggle to hold form throughout the season.

    To give you an idea I sold 1 player and bought in 6 free players and a couple of loanees


    Bath do not possess the strongest backroom team in the country but the current set-up is good enough to see you through the first year, I recommend allowing contracts to expire and then replacing staff with better quality. Also finances dictate that mutual terminations are not in the clubs best interests.


    Bath are in a good position financially for a non-league club, however unless considered this can all change within your first year. The financial benefits of an affiliate are helpful in the long term, however throughout the season without a strong cup run in both the FA Cup and FA Trophy you will find yourself in debt.
    Again I strongly recommend NOT paying for players or staff within the first 4 seasons, and avoid the 48 month transfer fee system until you are financially sound and in the championship.

    First Season Targets:

    First on your list of things to accomplish is to get promoted.

    After the agony of relegation last term it will be key to bounce straight back into the Blue Sqaure Prem before charging toward the football league.

    As we see each year in the FA Cup there is always a minnow spoiling the party for the bigger boys by getting into the 4th and even 5th rounds. Could this be you? The financial benefits are exceptional for progressing this far, but entering the competition at the 2nd Qualifying round it will be a long and tough road.

    Good Luck And I Hope This Has Been Useful!

    Thanks to Scotty98RT for the template
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  2. Nice to see a guide to the Romans!
    Shame Aaron Brown and Kerry Morgan were missing from the squad. I'm sure they should be in there.

    Vincent Pericard is a good signing if you're after a free transfer striker.

  3. Great guide actually this guide is the reason why I'm having a career with Bath City so thanks m8

  4. best of luck hansie

    i have just got the city to the premier league, so if you are looking for any prospective signings or tips through the years just message me

  5. I´m with Bath in Npower League one, i promoted every year and this year i´m good and i think i can go to Npower Championship.

    For first season i recomend take Péricard he is a beast!
    I take Kanoute and Nsaku too, good defenders.
    For second season you have to change the squad so much..

  6. i personally managed to scrape through second season with relatively minor changes, just 3/4 key additions, then had to complete huge squad revamps in league 2 and 1

  7. I'm going to give this a go seacow hows ur bath save going now

  8. i am in 2028 and have won the premiership.
    i have reached the latter stages on europe numerous times and a couple of domestic cups.
    i am england manager too, i have moved onto other saves as i am so far in and have achieved what i wanted.

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