Online GAME Starting Today NOW - 3/4 players wanted

  1. Online GAME Starting Today NOW - 3/4 players wanted

    Hi Gamers

    I am interested in starting a Fm13 EPL (non champions league teams game)

    Want 3/4 players really.


    No Money in this transfer window as everything is already up to date.
    Cant be Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea or Arsenal...

    1st slot - Everton
    2nd Slot - ?
    3rd Slot - ?
    4th Slot - ?

    name - top 4 challange
    password - prem

  2. one question..
    why do i see many online games where you/they want only 3 or 4 managers? Is it to do with speed or is there a problem if managers dont sign in? just wondered...
    Id like to have a go at this..but would prefer a full-on world like sim

  3. i would go spurs but type in the name and nothing is coming up

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