Is there any way to mass scout players removed from shortlist?

  1. Is there any way to mass scout players removed from shortlist?

    So I tend to scout big groups of players at once. This causes me, one year after, to get 80 emails in my inbox saying player removed from shortlist. I understand that I could add these players to my shortlist indefinitely, but I think this is a good system which requires me to rescout every so often so that all the reports are up to date.
    However, I'd really like a way to just mass select and rescout all of the players in my inbox that just got removed instead of having to go through and click them all one by one. Is there any way to do this?

  2. You could create 2 shortlists. And somewhere you can set players you scout to be added to your active shortlist indefinitely (it's either preferences or staff responsibilities!).

    Then add all the players to the default shortlist indefinitely, then add them to the second shortlist for 12 months. So when the 12 months is up, you go back into the first shortlist, select all the players (Hold shift and click the 1st then bottom player) and scout them all, then add them all back onto the second shortlist for 12 months!

    Just an idea There isn't a button or anything like that to scout the players that have come into your inbox all at once though!

  3. How do i scout lets say 50 players @ a go..? i dont mean maybe assigning a scout to a team eg under 20s or so.. lets say i wanna scout the Youth intake in brazil from the brazil home screen where they appear instead of click them club by club n assigning a scout to the under 20s? thanks

  4. AlanM92's Avatar AlanM92
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    I'm sure you click the tick next to a players name so more than one can be selected, then right click get a scouting report and chose which scout you want to scout them

  5. You need to go into the squad team, then HOLD SHIFT, whilst doing this click the tick next to the player right at the top of the list, then whilst still holding shift click the bottom team

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