Players too expensive

  1. Players too expensive

    Does anyone else find clubs place unrealistic valuations on their players when they've been transfer listed. Some of the big players are valued at 40 million, and often the clubs won't accept anything less.

    Also players requesting to be transfer listed has become more frequent in this version.

  2. Yeah I know what you mean but average size teams e/g napoli arent going to let their star (cavani or hamsik) go for cheap

    Who are you trying to sign?

  3. I'm just speaking in general. All in my first season, I;ve seen muniain,neymar, falcao, cavani,ozil, marcello and dede transfer listed but all for unreasonable prices.

    Now I understand some clubs are not going to let their big players leave for cheap like in real life, some clubs today have 40 mil release clauses. But these players have submitted transfer requests and yet the club still insist on selling for ridiculous price, and that wouldn't happen irl because no club would be willing to put up with an unhappy player within their club and sooner or later they'd accept a more realistic bid.

    Even the crummy players are like valued at 10-15 million and that's before having to make a bid which you know you'll have to add more.

    This makes it difficult to find bargains who are promising, unless of course you play with man city or chelsea.
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  4. Its true that a lot of clubs place ridiculously high asking prices for their players but there are a lot of quality bargains out there. Try a few of these:

    Demba Ba: 7 million release clause
    Jores Okore: 1.3 million release clause
    Simon Kjaer: Available for around 3-5 million
    Wellington Nem: 3.5 million release clause
    Victor Wanyama: available for around 6-10 million
    Steve Mandanda: 11.25 million release clause

    Those are just a few but if you want them, you have to act fast at the beginning of a game, especially with Wellington Nem as he almost always goes to Corinthians if you don't sign him quick and ditto Kjaer.

  5. I've got nem, do not need or want any of those other guys, it just would be nice to be able to afford to buy a marquee player every now and again.

  6. What club are you playing as? If you have money the AI is relatively smart and will try to get as much as possible from you. If you are also very active in the market I have notice clubs inflate their asking prices when you come to them.

  7. I find it ridiculous for youngsters!
    There are players on there with loads of potential, but valued at less than 100K, and clubs are wanting £15-20mil for them!

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