Psycho 1970 Databases for FM 2013

  1. Psycho 1970 Databases for FM 2013

    Hi Psycho 1970
    I m a very big fan of your Databases Sir and want to know that for fm 2013 are you going to be making databases?
    Please dont say no as without your databases fm feels boring after a while.....

  2. Your be glad to hear then that I will be re-building Psycho's World which work will begin in earnest in the first week of January and if time allows a couple of other DB's will follow or be released between versions of Psycho's World.

  3. thanks for the reply and really looking forward to playing Psycho's World as i was only able to play around half a season in fm 12 due to Exams and then release of fm 13.

  4. is there going to be a Psycho World for FM 1 now, Any further updates Mate???

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