Player Value Issues

  1. Player Value Issues

    Ok so I was wondering how player value is determined? Because my Celtic squad has won the league for the past 3 seasons and my players are performing very well in the league but their player values aren't really anything to write home about and I have a hard time selling them for prices which I think they are worth. I mean Fraser Forster who has been my #1 keeper since the start is now only valued at £700k in November 2015. I mean he is in his mid to late 20's and has been improving stat wise. I am guessing it mainly is due to club rep? I mean we haven't done well at all in the Champions League which might have something to do with it?

  2. Id imagine its more to do with the leagues rep...although have you managed to keep Wanyama? he should be worth a fair bit!

  3. I have kept Wanyama he is worth £4.8m my highest valued player just past Ibrahim Afellay at £4.4m.

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