Loaning players for Championship side

  1. Loaning players for Championship side

    Hi everyone,
    Sorry for bad english, it's not my first language.

    I manage Stockport who start in the BSP.
    First seasons into the game I had no problem loaning players from teams in higher divisions, as the teams usually accepted my offer for 0$ per month and 0% wage contribution.

    Now I successfully got promoted to the npower Championship, and suddenly all players that I try to loan comes with a price tag of 10-100 thousand$ per month, alongside hefty wage contribution.

    Is this thing is on purpose? Is there no way now to get loans for free?

  2. Unfortunately there isn't much you can do. Since you are now in the Championship other teams expect you to pay for the services of their players. You an try and offer 0$ but it rarely works once you get into the Championship. Try getting a parent club and it may help with that.

  3. Well that's no good news.
    I do have Arsenal as parent club, but they're not sending me any players unfortunately.

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