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    Unsure where to put this, so I thought general discussion.

    I have played around 15 different seasons on fm, in all of which I have never had the pleasure of one of my strikers scoring more than 25 goals a season, yet countless times I have seen AI teams with strikers who have banged in 50 league goals a season,

    for example Goal Scoring-robin-van-persie_-overview-profile.png RVP has scored 42 goals in 30 league appearances, and there are still 8 games to be played.

    Have any of you managed to get a striker to score this amount of goals and if so, how?

  2. I have Carlos Fierro for my Cordoba side he scored 43 in the league but got 55 in all competitions...

    I have my striker set up as a DLF with a few tweaks (I stumbled upon a good set up last year I crossed the setting of a DLF with a poacher) but obviously its not just how you set up the CF is also how he is supported... My team is highly creative the 5MFs behind my player all have creativity 16+...
    I always train my CF to place shots too usually works best with high technique/finishing/composure and last year I had Nelson Olivera but he had blasts shots think only works with high Technique...

    Goal Scoring-liga-bbva_-stats-player.png

    Edit: my instructions

    Goal Scoring-c-rdoba-c.f.-sad_-tactics-player-9.png
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  3. hey man thanks for the feed back, I usually pair the places shots with likes to beat offside trap to good effect just not had much luck in fm with scoring alot of goals.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by callamity View Post
    hey man thanks for the feed back, I usually pair the places shots with likes to beat offside trap to good effect just not had much luck in fm with scoring alot of goals.
    My first season I had a real struggle not so much with scoring but with getting one guy to score I had 5 or 6 players on 8-13 goals at the end of season... Some people would prefer a goalscoring team except what usually happens is when you really need a scorer nobody scores for you...
    My success really is the team behind him he is a great finisher, goalscorer and player but the guys around him are the key I think... My team is focused on making CCCs and keeping a decent amount of possession... The starting five behind him is Pogba, Yttergrad-Jenssen, Isco, Moi Gomez, Fede Vico...

    I did have a problem with Fierro scoring initially when I trained him to place shots he missed a lot when I find composure is more important than finishing IMO... his first season (2013/2014) he got 20 something goals, trained to place shots struggled at the start of 2014/2015 so I trained his composure until it hit 15 from there he scored 25 in the second half of the season and every season since has been scoring 35+...

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