Arsenal's British Core
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  1. Arsenal's British Core

    first of all im new to this site so Hi all

    Since Arsenal have singned Wilshere,Ramsey,Gibbs,Jenkinson and oxlade-chamberlin all to long term deals ive wanted to start a game with an edited arsenal buy getting rid of all the forgien imports and bring in good british players but all i can think of is Fraser Forster , Steven caulker, Martin Kelly, Jack Rodwell and Gareth Bale.

    i was wondering can any of you think of any other playeer that can be standout in this team or squad and youth players and once i get the game up and runnign il post u[dates etc


  2. Sterling
    Steven Taylor is a MUST buy! I know he isnt young but still

  3. Fraser forster
    carl jenkinson
    steven caulker
    phil jones
    kieran gibbs
    raheem sterling
    the ox
    jack wilshere
    Tom cleverley
    Danny welbeck
    theo Walcott

  4. Wilfried Zaha
    Shaw from Southampton.
    Jack Robinson

  5. Celtic First Team
    Fraser Forster is crap in this game.. which makes me sad to say being a Celtic fan.

  6. Shawcross, Baines, Ross Barkley, McEachran, Ward-Prowse.

  7. Jack Butland as goalie, better than Forster. Forster isn't that bad at Celtic.

  8. Keep Wojiech, and have Butland as backup, Wojiech is too good to remove

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Gilzenga View Post
    Keep Wojiech, and have Butland as backup, Wojiech is too good to remove

    You do realise he's not English and he's wanting to have a British team

  10. yes, but seems silly when Butland takes a while to produce, he's only better served as a backup/loanee, but he could have Hart though.

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