Getting wingers to track back?

  1. Getting wingers to track back?

    Does anyone know how to get your wingers to track back or be more responsible at helping the full back?

    Is it purely down to work rate, determination and concentration or can you tactically set this up?

  2. Defend duties?

  3. set it to defensive winger?

  4. May be if you make them man mark the opposition FBs?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Rapyer View Post
    set it to defensive winger?
    Defensive wingers don't track back. There job is actually the opposite - they push high up the pitch to force the opposition fullbacks/centrebacks to make mistakes or to tackle them, then they hold up the ball. Once the ball leaves the attacking half they don't track back

  6. Play a natural wing-back (i.e. a D/WB/M) in that slot, or, if you haven't got any, a full-back out of position.

  7. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
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    My wingers use to track back.

    I haven't touched the sliders, I use zonal marking.

    You can increase their close down instruction.

    Also, high workrate will help.

  8. Having the same issue (had it in FM12 as well). I've tried everything from Zonal Marking to Man Marking to closing down the whole field to closing down his own half to closing down his own area—nothing works. Every time the other team is attacking my full-back is left 1v2 versus the opposition's winger and full-back because my winger is standing up-field doing absolutely nothing. Really frustrating.

  9. you should report this bug on sigames forums, and upload the match pkm to their ftp

  10. After playing around with it a bit more, the only solution I've found is to play 'very fluid.'

    The game's definition for very fluid states that it expects all players to contribute to all phases of the game, meaning attacking players have to be able to defend and more defensive players have to know how to get forward when needed.

    It doesn't bother me too much because my playing style is set to 'attacking' and I was playing on 'fluid' anyways, so bumping it up to very fluid is fine with me. But people who play more conservatively can't really put it on very fluid because I think the game recognizes that as an attacking philosophy and it might cause your players to be somewhat confused.

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