Help With A Problem I Have in my game

  1. Help With A Problem I Have in my game

    Help With A Problem I Have in my game-carlos-fierro_-overview-profile.png
    he has been my main goalscorer for last 2 season, but his contract is out in the summer and cant get a new one for him, so do i sell now or keep tryin and hope he will get a permit.

    i have this youth player in my squad who could do the job with a good run in the team
    Help With A Problem I Have in my game-rory-swann_-overview-profile.png

    what should i do?? i am in league 2 now. also got a few other youth players but they r another season away from 1st team

  2. If Fierro won't sign a new contract you will have to sell him. In League 2 that second striker will score over 30/40 goals easily. Train him on quickness and composure.

  3. he will sign, i just cant get a work permit for him, i got 4 other players in the same,

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