LEEDS UNITED - does a natural takeover take place??

  1. LEEDS UNITED - does a natural takeover take place??

    Hi people, I have just completed my demo and i am 4th in the championship with leeds. I have just bought the full game but was wondering how many people have experienced a takeover at the club? i know the next update will have the takeover in but im guessing it would require me to restart game? any thoughts would be appreciated!!

    P.S if i get promoted what kind of transfer budget am i looking at for premier league??


  2. most people get taken over in 2ndseason
    im in 2nd and got taken over.

  3. Many thanks for your reply, was this with leeds? i will keep my fingers crossed.

  4. yes with leeds im in 2nd season got taken over, and someone else doing a leeds save got took over in 2nd save
    i got promotion via playoffs and think i had about 5m to spend?? all depends on how much you spend first season, i spent nothing.
    and i got taken over and got upgrade to my facilities, and a 16m budget

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