Individual man-marking

  1. Individual man-marking

    How do I instruct my players to mark a specific player/position?

    For example, if I'm using Utd, and I'm playing Spurs, and I want Evra to always mark Lennon, how do I do it? I believe it's called 'individual man-marking,' right?

  2. During or before the match: Set player instruction (Next to the team instruction), choose Evra, Set individiual marking: Choose Lennon.

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    Or in player instructions in pre match before team talk, go to player instructions then select marking ull have an option to select a specific player, if u save the tactic after doing this, the marking of these specific players will stay fixed for future games. Ull have to select the saved tactic after the match has finished ie before your next match, also just to note IRS worth saving the tactic as a different name to identify which one has the marking saved, hope that made sense?
    I've just woke up lol
    Merry x mas!

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