Improving my everton squad, January 2014

  1. Improving my everton squad, January 2014

    So I've been doing fairly well with Everton but I'm not really sure on how to improve my team next.
    I'm not too bad financially, and I have atm a little over 15 M I can spend.
    Here's my squad

    Also, I'd rather not sign another left-back, as I've already got this one:

    P.S. Sorry for image quality,but it is perfectly visible if open in a new tab.
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  2. I'd say you could at least do with new keeper to replace Mucha and someone to cover for Barkley.

    Search for good regen keeper and take a look how Moi Gomez looks like. I've seen him become pretty good AM and he should be only 20 or so by 2014.

  3. Lacking a little in strikers, though you only play one up front anyway, so it's not really a problem. Has Demba Ba already been picked up by another team? If not, maybe you could consider activating his minimum release clause.

  4. Oh yea forgot to say, Montoya, Adryan and Guy Roland Ndy Assemble (gk from Lorraine, good backup) are coming on free transfers.

    Also Demba ba signed a new contract and his new release fee is 35.5 M €. For third backup on the striker I usually use Gueye, he performs decently for me.
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  5. sign wellington nem or adryan as back up for barkley. striker carlos fierro or admelison as welback is cack.

  6. I've got Adryan coming on a free and marrow is quality, 5* potential (wellbeck has 3.5 or 4.0)

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