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Long shot and Dribbling

  1. Long shot and Dribbling

    Long shot and Drib in FM 13 are so virtual, with long shot 6-8/20, he can shot from 30m, and one match has many shots to goal. Drib 40m and score, so many situations like that per match. So virtual than FM12. Is it error?

  2. The dribbling and the number Of shots on goal are known ME issues. The 6-8 stats in Long Shots is not as it has to do with more variables than just that stat ( the accuracy).
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  3. yep it shits me to, i had games where the opp player scored 4 goals from thirty plus yards and i checked his stats and they were crap...

  4. Yeah I had Sandro score so many 30m+ shots and his long shot stat was poor

  5. In regards to the lack of through balls, I've found player roles have made a big difference for me.

    Before the new patch I was playing a 4-2-3-1. I have a very creative team so I play 2 DLP's in the central midfield roles, and in the attacking midfield roles I had a central trequartista flanked by two other AMC's (not wingers) playing in attacking mid (attack) role.

    I found since the patch the 3 attacking mids, all set to attack duties pushed too far up, so the defenders would crowd out my advanced forward and made it difficult to get through balls going to him.

    So to respond to this I have changed things up, I still have the central trequartista (who naturally drops into the hole anyway), flanked by two inside forwards who are set to support duty. I have found with some of my attacking players set to support rather than attack, they're far more likely not to charge forwards and shot from long range

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