Ability or attributes?

  1. Ability or attributes?

    Hello all. I have a question, I can see some players with great attributes, however when I see their ability in editor, they have low CA/PA. In contrast I can see some players with medium stats but very good CA/PA. I know that somewhere there there is a connection. But can you help me? What is most important for a player to perform? Attributes or CA/PA?

  2. I've noticed that with ruben jennsen, he has amazing stats for a advanced playmaker but he is always a 3 star on my teams

  3. I wouldn't know because I play the game as it is meant to be played, not using an editor. I look for key attributes for that position and do not rely on scout reports too much. For example, Josip Radosevic has great attributes as a ball winning midfielder but my scout only reports him as a useful squad member. Even with this, he still performs to a good standard for me and does his job perfectly for the team.

  4. Attributes.

  5. My understanding is that ability shows how good that player is overall. But imagine two BWM. One has high tackling, Marking, determination etc but is slow but the over has lower tackling, Marking, determination etc but is faster. They will both have similar ability ratings but the first one would be better suited as a BWM.

  6. definatly attributes....

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    Attributes. The CA/PA is more along the lines of total points. With a high CA you can have a player that is rounded but excels in nothing, but with half of that you can have such a stats that he can be a beast specializing in a role.

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