Match day overview?!

  1. Match day overview?!

    Hi guys, hope you all had a good Christmas first of all. My legend of a brother got me FM 2013 and since then my life .. well lack of life has been awesome. Anyways to the problem ...

    What is up with the new match day overview?! I absolutely despise it. To the point where I can play this game as its doing my head in. Is there anyway you can revert it back to the old matchday overview with the teams on each side of the screen and scorers underneath, aswell as injuries, cards and missed peno's. I hate the stupid black box it has in 2013.

    This is how I want it ...

    Any help would be much appreciated lads!

  2. I'm afraid not. There are others that do not like the new layout, I have seen a thread for this on the SI forum. Originally I was not that keen on the new layout but have got use to it now. I would like to see the old match day overview return as I don't play the matches in 3d and prefer my old school style of matches.

  3. I am having the same problem, cannot stand the new layout.

    I have a question which is kind of related to this.... in fm12 I would have the match overview screen on and when a highlight was ready the screen would flick from the overview to the pitch. Once the highlight was over it would then revert back to the overview screen. In 13 it seems that instead of flicking from the overview to the pitch when a highlight is on it just plays the highlight behind the overview screen?! Does anyone else have this issue and know how to get it to change from the screen to the pitch and back again?

  4. Can't say I have ever had a problem of the game not reverting back to the overview screen on fm 2013. These are the settings I use, it is the nearest I can get to the old layout.

    Match day overview?!-overview.png

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