league bonus'

  1. league bonus'

    In my game with Wrexham, finances a bit tight so I though I would save some money, instead of giving a high collective league bonus like iv'e always done i gave a low. 2 players didn't like it all season! But having finished 2nd the season before and improving the team i'm struggling to win a game this year! I'm guessing its down to the bonus set, anybody else had this?

  2. Haven't experienced this myself, but I've read that where you set the bonus does affect motivation. With morale being very important in FM13 it's possible the bonus is even more important than in previous versions.

    Usually I try to set a high cup bonus unless I think I have a chance to win the league. I keep the league bonus at normal so as not to upset the players and then allow a cup run to offset the high bonus.

  3. I would assume what you set it to will have some affect. Due to not looking into it too much, I always keep it set to normal for all bonuses.

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