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LFCEpic's FM13 Player Generator
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  1. LFCEpic's FM13 Player Generator

    Ever wanted to be in Football Manager? Want to be the new big thing? Or ever thought of being a lower league gem? Well now is your chance to be in the game! I am looking to make FM a little different, instead of the same old same old transfers happening.

    If you want to be in the game, follow the template below. And you can add as many players as you like! But please have normal names, as I want it to be kinda realistic!


    Full Name:
    Nickname: (If you want one)
    Hair Colour:
    Skin Tone: (1=White, 20=Black)
    Birth City:
    International Apps: (Be realistic for you age/ability etc)
    International Goals: (Again be realistic!)
    Favorite club:
    Favorite Players: (Max 3)
    Height: (In CM)
    Weight: (In KG)
    Best Stats: (Pick 4)
    Worst Stats: (Pick 3)
    Other info: If you want to add things like disliked team/players, career goals etc, feel free to add them here.


    Version 1.0 -
    Mass Player Generator V1.0.xml
    ​Version 1.1 -
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  2. Full Name: Mohammed El-Singh
    Ethnicity: Asian
    Hair Colour: Black
    Skin Tone: 15
    D.O.B: 18/05/1986
    Birth City: Karachi
    Nationality: Pakistani
    CA: 149
    PA: 175
    International Apps: 21
    International Goals: 3
    Club: Liverpool
    Favorite club:
    Favorite Players: Gerrard, Suarez
    Height: 204
    Weight: 81
    Foot: Right
    Position(s): DC
    Best Stats: Heading, Marking, Tackling, Acceleration
    Worst Stats: Finishing, Crossing, Passing, Penalty taking

    Can I do some more later on?

  3. Of course buddy, feel free to request as many as you like

  4. LFCMarshall's Avatar LFCMarshall
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    • Quote Originally Posted by Jamie92 View Post
      Fantastic update, seriously it's quite amazing how much time and effort you have put into this. Premierleague is 99.99% perfect IMO!
      Quote Originally Posted by peskybendben View Post
      Another phenominal update there LFC! Simply outstanding, and by far the most complete and comprehensive update on the web today! I think I speak on behalf of everyone on this forum, when I say a huge thank you for this!
    Liverpool. YNWA.
    Full Name: Billie Marshall
    Nickname: (If you want one)
    Ethnicity: British
    Hair Colour: Black
    Skin Tone: (1=White, 20=Black) 7
    D.O.B: 25.02.94
    Birth City: Leicester
    Nationality: English
    CA: 125?
    PA: 178?
    International Apps: (Be realistic for you age/ability etc) 0
    International Goals: (Again be realistic!) 0
    Club: Liverpool
    Favorite club: Liverpool
    Favorite Players: (Max 3) Gerrard, Torres, Alonso
    Height: (In CM) 188
    Weight: (In KG) 76
    Foot: Right
    Position(s): AML/R - Natural ST
    Best Stats: (Pick 4) Pace, Acceleration, Dribbling, Agility
    Worst Stats: (Pick 3) Heading, Tackling, Long Throws

  5. Done both of ya Also added a few of my own

  6. Full Name: Adriano Toni
    Nickname: none
    Ethnicity: european
    Hair Colour: black
    Skin Tone: 10
    D.O.B: 13 jan 1992
    Birth City: Palermo
    Nationality: Italian and Serbian
    CA: 100
    PA: 200
    International Apps: none yet
    International Goals: none
    Favorite club: Lazio, Tottenham
    Favorite Players: Luca Toni
    Height: 192
    Weight: 67
    Foot: right only
    Position(s): ST
    Best Stats: (Pick 4) Finsihing, heading, strength, off the ball
    Worst Stats: (Pick 3) pace, acceleration, agility
    Other info: none

  7. Bump, any more?

  8. Full Name: Ciaran O'Connor
    Nickname: none
    Ethnicity: european
    Hair Colour: Brown
    Skin Tone: 4
    D.O.B: 25 oct 1992
    Birth City: wexford
    Nationality: ireland
    CA: 115
    PA: -10
    International Apps: none yet
    International Goals: none
    Club: Liverpool
    Favorite club: Liverpool, wexford youths
    Favorite Players: kevin doyle and raheem sterling
    Height: 184
    Weight: 67
    Foot: right only
    Position(s): ST, AML AML
    Best Stats: (Pick 4) Finsihing, pace, passing, crossing
    Worst Stats: (Pick 3) heading, strength, long throws
    Other info: disliked man utd and alex ferguson
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  9. Full Name: Josef Anthony
    Nickname: None
    Ethnicity: European
    Hair Colour: Dark Brown
    Skin Tone: 12
    D.O.B: 19-10-1995
    Birth City: Liverpool
    Nationality: British (2nd = French)
    CA: 100
    PA: whichever is the best -10?
    International Apps: 0
    International Goals: 0
    Club: Tranmere Rovers
    Favorite club: Liverpool, Shanghai Shenhua, Swieqi United
    Favorite Players: Jordon Ibe, Jamie Carragher, Joe Allen
    Height: 188cm
    Weight: 88Kg
    Foot: Left
    Position(s): DR (Natural) DL, AMR (Accomplished)
    Best Stats: Pace, Passing, Free-kicks, Decisions
    Worst Stats: Long throws, Corners, Penalty Taking, Influence
    Other info:

  10. when u doin the update?

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