Bloody Work Permits.

  1. Bloody Work Permits.

    Hi all, relatively new to the game (fm13) so forgive me if i say or do anything silly! Anyway, so i've gone out & bought sime vrsaljko for £4.4, contract signed, the lot.. BUT the transfer window has now ended & i can't seem to get a work permit for him, he isnt willing to go out on loan to ANY of my feeder clubs & im begining to think i have wasted my pennies -_- please help!

  2. try and get a new feeder club with a better rep, or alternatively wait until he has played some more international games then offer him a new contract. either end of first season i'm pretty sure croatia join the EU so will no longer be a issue hope this helps

  3. Alright mate, i'll give this a try thanks a bunch!

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