Stopilla Sunzu
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  1. Stopilla Sunzu

    For some reason he doesn't feature on the game, is this also the case for everybody?
    Have I done something wrong? Is it possible to get him?

  2. bump

  3. Never heard

  4. He's a Zambian defender who plays for TP Mazembe. He has a wikipedia profile.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by apvmoreira View Post
    Never heard
    He is currently linked with joining Reading for £3m.

    £3m Reading Stopilla Sonzu bid on hold as he’s in Zambia squad | The Sun |Sport|Football

  6. have you loaded all players from zambia?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by lfcepic View Post
    have you loaded all players from zambia?
    Yh, is he on your game?

  8. Have you tried searching for him on the editor to see if he exists on the database?

  9. Oh right ok, I see him on the editor database, but for some reason he's not ingame. How can I get him in the game?

  10. Possibly load all african players?

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