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Squad numbers

  1. Squad numbers

    I was wondering does anyone else have a particular way of assigning their squad numbers? First choice goalie is always number 1, your main striker always gets number 9, etc.

  2. I start off by giving players their preffered numbers as much as I can, then just give them the traditional numbers for their positions (Playmaker 10, winger 7, etc)

    After a few seasons when I have a player who is now crap but was once amazing for me, I always give him the No.69 shirt (Mature, I know )

  3. I enjoy using a classic numbering system, but if a player has a favorite number I try to let them have it.

    I'm also a little more careful on handing out legendary shirt numbers (I.e. we had a club legend who wore 7, I'm not going to hand out the 7 shirt to some unproven 18-year-old).

  4. I think I am very much old school when it comes to squad numbers. If a player has a preferred number then I will assign that to them where possible. I tend to assign my best starting 11 for the numbers of 1-11 and the same applies for the subs from 12-18. Apart from that I tend to keep the allocation of numbers to:

    1. GK
    2. RB
    3. LB
    4. CB/DMC
    5. CB
    6. CB/DMC
    7. AMC/RW/ST
    8. CM/AMC
    9. ST
    10. AMC/ST
    11. AMC/LW/ST
    12. Defender
    13. Goalkeeper
    14. Defender/Midfielder
    15. Midfielder
    16. Midfielder
    17. Midfielder
    18. Striker

    Numbers above this tend to be randomly chosen just so all players have squad numbers lol
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  5. Haha I do the same thing with the randomness after I'm done assigning the numbers I want to. Sometimes I'll assign a real life number of one of my favorite players to a player in the game that I really like.

  6. 1. GK
    2. RB
    3. LB
    4. DMC
    5. CB
    6. CB
    7. RW
    8. AMC
    9. ST
    10. ST
    11. LW

    12. CB
    13. GK
    14. RW
    15. RB
    16. DMC
    17. LW
    18. CB
    19. AMC
    20. ST
    21. LB
    22. ST

  7. I just press clear all then auto number every season

  8. Never use the number 13! It's unlucky number!!!

  9. I don't always put that much thought into it and if people want some weird number, I'll give it to them but I usually do like the rest;

    1. GK
    2. RB
    3. LB
    4. CB
    5. CB
    6. DM
    7. AMR/MR
    8. MC
    9. ST
    10. AMC/ST
    11. AML/ML

    And then just continue, 12 RB, 13 LB, 14 CB etc. But I often give 13 to my super sub but the rest is usually the same. I usually don't hand out 1-11 right away to new players though - I usually let them earn those numbers.

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