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    Hello, I post this thread because the game gets me very frustrated. In fact, I don't think that I've been more frustrated ever in my almost 10 years FM/CM career.

    I play as Huddersfield and I am currently in the 5th season. First seasons went well, I've got promoted luckily in the first season, finished 19th in Prem in the second, then won Champ with ease, and established succesfull mid-table side since then. I even won League Cup in 4th season.

    But then something changed. Maybe I had big eyes with the transfers, or it was the goddamn Europa League, or something else. The problem is that despite having far better side now, I keep losing or drawing matches. The expectations were first half finnish and I thought that maybe with a little luck I can attack Europa League positions, but I'm currently sitting in the relegation zone.

    Help poor little terriers-tabulka.pngHelp poor little terriers-fixtures.png

    I used these tactics during the succesfull days:
    - defensive one with 3-2-3-2 formation,
    - counter or standard with 4-1-2-2-1 formation,
    - standard 4-4-2
    - and more recently, I also tried 4-2-3-1 with attacking or standard instructions.
    Help poor little terriers-tac01.pngHelp poor little terriers-tac02.png

    I have mostly good quality players, and some very good regens. Here is my squad list:
    Help poor little terriers-squad.png

    The best players are:
    Fernand├ęz, brightest star, signed for 5m three seasons ago. He is also backup captain and next season, he is going to be full time captain.
    Help poor little terriers-fernandez.png
    Veron, record signing before this season, for 20m. He actually may be the source of my problems, because he plays below expectations. Fernandez had almost immediate impact on the team, but this guy does not.
    Help poor little terriers-veron.png
    I have three good young attackers, but they don't score too much. Grahovac, Jablonsky and Leeb. I tried to switch to 4-3-3 in pre season with Grahovac on the left, Leeb on the right as inner forwards and Jablonsky in the middle as poacher, but this didn't seem to work.
    Help poor little terriers-grahovac.pngHelp poor little terriers-jablonsky.pngHelp poor little terriers-leeb.png

    So guys, what do you think I should do? Just give it time to settle up (but it is already half season), or sign some more experienced players (because it could be the infamous "can't win anything with kids" situation). I had the transfer policy of not buying anybody older than 23, but I'm willing to change that.

    If you have any more questions, please ask. I tried to write everything important, but I guess I missed something surely .

  2. A couple of points that I think are affecting you're performance could be that you are playing more defensive tactics meaning you won't score as many goals against lesser teams. Another point you mentioned was allowing them time to settle and I think that is necessary as they are young and speak different languages and may have different styles of play. If you slowly start implementing more control/attacking tactics and allow the squad to fit in with each I believe you will start to score more goals.

  3. Hard to say without knowing the rest of the team settings, any tweaked settings or use of shouts.

    Looking at the standard 451, I would say that you lack players moving between the lines. All players in advanced positions are on attack and will will runs from deep too early in attacks ( no-one is dropping deep to link up with play) and all central mids are on support. Why not try to have one attack, one support and one defend duties in the center of the park and and one " attacker" on support

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