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Throwing away games

  1. lazlow's Avatar lazlow

    Throwing away games

    Ok so i have only just got into fm 13 after buying it on release i just had no time to play untill now ,my first season using raikan`s might and magic 13 as man utd, so far so good per say as im clear at the top by 11 points with 11 games gone and only dropped points against norwich 1-1 draw,the other teams seem to be having a bit of a howler city,liverpool,arsenal,spurs all losing to poor teams and then hammering a team the following week lol,Stoke have only conceded 2 goals and lie in 2nd place.

    Anyhow in my games im largely dominating untill about 70 mins when something strange happens the opposition out of nowere seem to be able to crack in 2-3 goals in short time its like my team falls apart with about 20 mins to go in almost each game, like my last game i played Qpr in total controll for 65 mins leading 4-0 then in 15 mins the score 2 goals and almost a 3rd, i sub tired leggs out so i dont think its fatigue unless im pressing too much during the game and its making everyone sluggish or over confident i dont no, but its got me scrathing my head right now.

  2. They go overload looking to get back in the game,notice the fullbacks turning into flat-out wingers when the opposition tries to equalise.
    With Arsenal i tried going defensive if i was 2-0 up after 70 mins and the other teams coming at me. BIG mistake!
    What did work was standing off,drop deeper,clear ball to flanks and pass into space with direct passing.
    Theo or Podolski usually sneaked that 3rd goal
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  3. lazlow's Avatar lazlow
    That does make sense to be honest when im clear a goal or 2 i often try to close up shop at the back but all it seems to do is draw them onto me so instead il try and employ some counter attack on them cheers for the hint.

  4. One thing to do is always set fitness training to high and then defensive/attacking movement depending on whether you are playing a better or lesser side.

    If your squad's fitness can stay above 75% in every game, you have a greater chance of turning games around. Skill is one thing, but fitness is another.

  5. good point! i agree with your!

  6. Sounds like your team / formation are set out to win games early on maybe your doing too much too soon and players are getting physically and mentally tired in games causing complacency and allowing teams to nick a goal late in the game?

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