Certain Players Not Showing Up in Search

  1. Certain Players Not Showing Up in Search

    Hey there, I am new to the game but when I start a new Career I always am searching for Yassine Benzia and Angelo Ogbonna but no matter how I search for them I can never find them. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong here? I have included Italy and France in my leagues (does this matter?) and I am currently Tottenham. Any help would be greatful! Thanks

  2. Happens to me too, would like to find out.

  3. No idea why you can't see them if you loaded up the leagues they are in. I was able to find them both without loading the leagues.
    Although, with a small database and the Italian and French leagues not loaded, I wasn't able to find Ogbonna but could find Yassine.
    So my advice would be to start a new game if you aren't to far in, or if you don't mind, and make sure to choose the Large database size option in the "New Game Overview" screen.

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